Briefly in English

Briefly in English

Got an hour or two to spend in Helsinki Finland, or in southern Espoo? Want to try something new, perhaps something Finnish? Or you just want to beat jet lag rapidly?

Unplug yourself from the worldly worries in KELLUMO – right in the heart of Helsinki, conveniently only 500 meters from the metro station “Kamppi”. NEW LOCATION FROM 2021: just opposite of Matinkylä metro station in Espoo. Which ever location you choose, we are open every day, mostly until 8 or 9 pm.

Kellumo is the first Deep Relaxation Center in Finland. An unforeseen concept for those who are ready for new kinds of solutions – for the benefit of your body as well as your mind.

In Kellumo you will find two float pods and a unique Finnish invention, Neurosonic Pro -chair, which will provide you with a patented low frequency vibration therapy.

Floatation therapy is a shortcut to deep relaxation and a meditative state. When your body and brain get a relief from different stimuli – sounds, light, pressure – it releases substances which detract stress and pain. In this extremely relaxed state your brain has the possibility to focus on relieving and speeding up the natural healing of the body.

Floatation makes your body produce natural endorphins, which soothe the pain and give you a very pleasant feeling like you’ve never experienced before. Along the deep relaxation the levels of stress-related hormones like ACTH and cortisol decrease significantly.

Come as you are – you don’t have to bring anything with you. We provide you with towels, earplugs, shower amenities, hair dryers, drinks etc.

We recommend that you avoid floatation while menstruating. You should also try to avoid heavy meals and coffee before floatation.

Flotation sessions last 90 minutes, of which 60 minutes of floating. All the flotation rooms are equipped with your private shower, and the rooms are lockable. In our Espoo location you also have the possibility to float in the exceptionally spacious float pod together with your partner. “Parikellunta” means “floatation session for couples”.



1. Remove your contact lenses
2. Wash yourself – you’ll find your own private shower in both of the floatation rooms
3. Put your earplugs on tightly
4. Step in the pod naked
5. Close the lid and turn of the light if you like



1. After the floatation you will hear a sound signal
2. Gradually wake up your body and mind and step out of the pod
3. Wash away the salty water from your skin
4. Dress up and enjoy the after-floatation feeling in our comfortable lobby
5. Drink plenty of water – we provide you with mineral water and herbal tea


The Neurosonic low frequency method reduces the effects of muscular tensions and pain by directing low frequency vibrations to the whole body or only to one part. The used frequency band is safe and within a natural range, consequently there are no side effects. The vibrations create a resonance in the body tissue and fluids. The vibrations are felt in the whole body which is extremely relaxing and even affects your metabolism positively resulting in deep relaxation and recovery from physical and psychic stress.

Neurosonic therapy sessions vary from 10-42 minutes.

We gladly serve you in English. Book your session by calling +358-50-599 0555.
Don’t hesitate to call and ask more!